Monday, 1 October 2007


A=Adversity B=Beliefs C=Consequences.

When one changes, challenges, one's beliefs about the causes of one's adversities, one changes the emotional and practical consequences.

This is incredibly helpful.

If one's belief system is that - "I cause the problems in my life" - that is depressing. That is unempowering. That is leading to learned helplessness.

If one begins to believe that one can alter one's thinking and thus alter the consequences - that is empowering.

"Things; people; circumstances cause the challenges in my life - eventually, I may be able to choose to act in a progressive way to address these things."

That is the beginning of real power and fundamental change.

Seligman, in his book "Learned Optimism" (take the best and leave the rest) does this through the D and E of ABCDE.

D=Disputation E=Energisation.

"How unlikely is what I am saying to myself to be true? How likely are a number of other things to be true? How helpful is it for me to think of that being true right now? What skill sets do I really bring to the table? What progress have I made in other areas."

As a result, I discount the pessimistic view and I embrace the alternative progressive view. I feel a whole lot better as a result! I am able to act in my life and on these circumstances.

A=Adversity B=Beliefs C=Consequences D=Disputation E=Energisation.

There is real personal power in this methodology. REAL opportunity for growth.

It is the missing part of a major life puzzle to do with motivation.

What affect will it have in my life?