Thursday, 1 March 2012

Alice Herz-Sommer - positive in a concentration camp

My mother taught me some valuable lessons. She died, along with my father in the concentration camp, but her lessons live on.

1) To KNOW things - study; find out things; practice things; get skillful and knowledgeable.

2) To BE THANKFUL - everything is a present; focus on the best things; I know about the bad and I see the good.

3) To BE HAPPY - meet the world with joy; I lay for two years on the frozen bare dirt with my son and I laughed - what five and a half year old would not laugh under those circumstances?

How hard is my life? I can rise above my petty notions as she rose above monumental hardships - because she found what was good in it and knew that "people complain. Complaining changes nothing."

"I know about the bad, and I see the good."