Friday, 31 May 2013

Guidelines for Happiness - As Affirmations

Why blame others for making me unhappy? I take responsibility for making myself happy by putting myself in a happy frame of mind through positive exercises.

• I give myself permission to make myself happy — even if in so doing, others choose to make themselves unhappy.

• I make time for myself to do things which are positive and bring me pleasure and enjoyment in the short-term.

• I do things for others and my community without expecting anything back in return.

• I sacrifice short-term pleasures and put up with short-term discomforts in order to achieve longer-term possible gains.

• I accept the fallibility of others and myself.

• I look at the reality of a situation and let the emotional content wash by me.

• I take a chance at things at work or in my personal relationships, even when I might not immediately, or ever, succeed! Possibility of success ALWAYS exists through learning - the certainty of failure exists when I do nothing.

• It doesn't matter much what people think about me and what I am doing.

• I see uncertainty as a challenge — I embrace it as the possibility of success.