Monday, 12 December 2011

I am thankful

I am thankful for this day I have been given to make of myself what I choose.

I am thankful for those friends around me.

I am thankful for those I am able to support.

I am thankful for those who support me.

I am thankful for the 6 areas of my life I can grow in - Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Family, Financial, Social.

I am thankful for the life I have lived to date - for the opportunities I have been given, the ones I will be given, and especially for those I have in front of me right now.

Life is choices - I am thankful I have choices in front of me.

I am thankful for the water I drink, the food I eat, for my shelter, warmth, clothing and care.

I make of this day a life I am proud to be part of.

How do I craft an exceptional life? by Robin Sharma

How do I craft an exceptional life? Ultimately, life goes by in a blink.
Might I live the same year 80 times.
To avoid getting to the end and perhaps feeling flooded with regret over a live half-lived, I read (and then apply) these tips:
  1. I exercise daily.
  2. I am serious about gratitude.
  3. I see my work as a craft.
  4. I expect the best and prepare for the worst.
  5. I keep a journal.
  6. I plan a schedule for my week.
  7. I know the 5 highest priorities of my life.
  8. I say YES to staying on task.
  9. I drink a lot of water.
  10. I improve my work every single day.
  11. I have a mentor.
  12. I have a paid coach.
  13. I get up at 6am each day.
  14. I eat only the food my body needs.
  15. I identify heroes that move me.
  16. I am a hero to someone.
  17. I smile at strangers.
  18. I am the most ethical person I know.
  19. I only "settle" for excellence.
  20. I savour life’s simple pleasures.
  21. I save 10% of my income each month.
  22. I spend time at art galleries.
  23. I walk in the woods.
  24. I write "thank you" letters to those who’ve helped me.
  25. I forgive those who’ve wronged me.
  26. I live that leadership is about influence and impact, not title and accolades.
  27. I create unforgettable moments with those I love.
  28. I have 5 great friends.
  29. I am stunningly polite.
  30. I unplug my TV.
  31. I read daily.
  32. I avoid the news.
  33. I am content with what I have.
  34. I pursue my dreams.
  35. I am authentic.
  36. I am passionate.
  37. say sorry when I know I should.
  38. I grasp every moment to celebrate another person.
  39. I have a vision for my life.
  40. I know my strengths.
  41. I focus my mind on the plenty rather than the lack.
  42. I am patient.
  43. I always keep going – there is ALWAYS something left.
  44. I clean up my messes.
  45. I use impeccable words.
  46. I travel.
  47. I honour my parents.
  48. I am a great teammate.
  49. I give none of my energy to critics.
  50. I spend time in the mountains.
  51. I know my top 5 values.
  52. I focus on achieving results rather than simply being busy.
  53. I innovate and iterate.
  54. I speak less. I listen more.
  55. I am the best person I know.
  56. I make my life matter.

In order for people to eventually look up to me, I am best served to be reaching higher.