Thursday, 14 April 2011

Value vs Price

Price is only ever an issue in the absence of value.

What is success?

“To LAUGH OFTEN and LOVE MUCH; to win the RESPECT of intelligent persons and the AFFECTION of children; to APPRECIATE BEAUTY; to find THE BEST IN OTHERS; to GIVE OF ONE'S SELF; to leave THE WORLD A BIT BETTER to have PLAYED AND LAUGHED WITH ENTHUSIASM and SUNG WITH EXULTATION; to know EVEN ONE LIFE has BREATHED EASIER because you have lived; this is to have succeeded!” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence

Is a book - here are some excerpts


No person is what they think they are; but what they think, they are.

Magnets have their molecules aligned - pulling power is “unity of purpose.”

Law of Mental Magnetism always attracts my true wants - not my wishes, whims or passing fancies.

What I give my dominant attention to will be mine through the Law of Mental Magnetism - constructive thought patterns, or otherwise...

Positive energy creates!

Creative mind; power centre; transcendental power; universal mind; unlimited wisdom - it does exist and it has unlimited power. God, within.

Desire is the seed of fulfilment.

ASK: -
Is this a wise or unwise act?
Will it contribute to my basic needs?
Will it harm me or someone else?
What is the total price I must pay?
Is it in harmony with the Laws of the Universe, as I understand them?
Am I willing and able to pay this price and accept the consequences?


1. This is my goal (brief description; sketch; picture)

2. Why do I want this? How will I benefit?

3. What actions can I take to reach my goal?

4. Where can I get competent assistance and guidance?

5. Date I began my plan!

6. Date of intended completion!

7. I will revise and review on the following dates!

8. What should I do first? Second? (check when started or finished)
A. _____________________________Started [] Finished []
B. _____________________________Started [] Finished []
C. _____________________________Started [] Finished []

9. I keep the following positive mental attitude during this period (a positive statement concerning how I feel I must act whilst I am working on my goal).


1. Decide to get on the train - choose goal

2. Best route to destination - plan

3. Buy a ticket - be willing to pay the price.

4. Get on the train - take action

Stick with the journey!


1. Do I really want this for myself (rather than something I think I should, or ought to, do)?

2. Is it right according to my value system?

3. Do I believe it is possible for me?

4. Will I be a better person when I accomplish it?

5. Can I visualize it in all respects?

6. Do I have complete faith that the Creative Intelligence within me will assist me in bringing forth my desire?

YES TO ALL, then:

a) Clear statement of my goal - subconscious needs specificity!

b) Have an exact date to begin my program.

c) Have an exact date by which I want to achieve my goal.

d) Have a written plan of action

e) Have a schedule to periodically review my plans for changes and updates.

e) Carry a brief statement of my goal written on a small card in my pocket or wallet. Look at it often each day. Have pictures of goal as well.

f) Concentrate on one specific desire or challenge at a time.

g) Make up a positive affirmation or statement about my goal.

h) I always go to sleep picturing my goal.


A. What negative habit do I desire to replace?
B. What positive habit or attitude will I develop to replace it?
C. What actions will I take to replace my negative habit?
D. What is the easiest and most logical way to do this?

A. I visualize myself as having already succeeded in changing that habit! I see myself as already enjoying the benefits of my new positive habit!
B. I use a positive affirmation along with my visualization!

I observe my actions and note each time I do other than what I have promised myself I will do. Rather than condemn or scold myself, I simply make a non-judgmental observation and allow myself to make the necessary correction.

keep a record for at least 21 days.

I am causing my automatic mechanism to respond in the way I have conditioned myself to FEEL and ACT!

I monitor my responses and habit patterns and: -
1. Remove anything in my life that is not working for my good.
2. See what is working for me and continue to program that into my subconscious.
3. Add new things that I find desirable that are likely to work for me.

Keep uppermost in my mind: -
A. I recognize and accept the fact that I have a non-constructive habit - I place no value or judgement on myself.
B. Before I change the habit, I weigh the potential benefits against the price I will have to pay for replacing it.
C. I understand and acknowledge that no amount of willpower is of any use unless I really want to replace the habit.
D. I am convinced that such change will bring about the gratification of a particular need or desire.
E. Up until now, I have only done what my level of awareness has enabled me to do. There is no blame, guilt, or condemnation associated with that - there is simply the opportunity for increased awareness.



Feeling & Emotion:
85% faster through the use of music or voice recordings.

My Blueprint of Destiny - coloured pictures of places and things I want to go and do!

Ask for the WISDOM to bring these things into my life, rather than ask for the actual thing. Cooperate with Creative Intelligence and it's law of creation.


The Creative Mind
Absolute Ideas
Transcendental Power
Universal Mind

The source of truth is within me.
Limited to the 5 senses - no such limit on other parts.
By itself, limiting.

Train to perform any act consciously chosen.

Great Pianist has built patterns of perfection in their subconscious.

Stores memories and releases them under automatic control.

Automatic creative mechanism that can solve my problems and change my life much faster than my conscious mind.

Not limited - can be trained and retrained.

Picture what I want and my subconscious will learn from errors, change my course, correct itself and bring me right on target - like a torpedo programmed to seek out an objective! Automatically!

KEY is for me to picture the END RESULT; FEEL that I can get what I want; FEEL it is already mine; FEEL the enjoyment and excitement NOW! Get the deep down inside feeling that ALREADY WORKING!

My conscious mind must be compelled to be my ally in this!

Give thanks for what is on the way - acknowledge that it will come when I ask.


Guilt is a construct of humankind – it does not exist outside of us. Keep a record: -
1. Every time I try to make someone else feel guilty.
2. Every time someone tries to make me feel guilty.
3. Every time I try to make myself feel guilty.
Then reduce these occurrences and set myself free from this behaviour. Guilt has no place in the present – creating the future of my choice.