Friday, 31 July 2009

I am ugly as sin - I am incredibly good looking...

When I went through the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program I had a lot going on. One night I had a vivid dream. Here it is.

I walked into a darkened room - it contained only a bed.
I was terrified.
As I walked to the bed I noticed a flex, or electrical cord, lying on the floor.

It became alive and wrapped itself around me.
I have never been any more frightened.

I fell on the bed; the more I struggled the tighter it got.

Somehow I relaxed and it fell away.

The light came on in the room and I said "You can come out now."
Nothing happened.

I said, "It's OK, you can come out, now."

I walked to a door and opened it.
It was a cupboard - inside was a chubby cheeked boy with a dirty face.

I said "How did you get in here? Who put you in here?"

He got really angry and started to hit and kick the walls.
I got really disturbed, the door slammed shut and I found myself back in the room with the bed.
A bright light was still on and the room held no fear for me.

I walked back and opened the door.
Realizing my mistake I said "where do you want to go?"

He said "outside."

I was about to say "I'll show you the way."
Realizing that was an error, instead I said, "if you like I can walk with you."

I put my hand out and he put his hand in mine.

We turned away from the cupboard and we walked up the hallway towards the front door of my mother's house - through the glass surrounding the door, there came a brilliant white light.

We walked hand in hand towards the door - which opened.
We stepped out into the light.

I don't know what this dream meant.
I am at peace with it.
Like the boy in the cupboard, I don't need to know how he, or I, got there.

Just that he, and I, are free.

He's out there somewhere flying around - he'll land and get on with it some day - if it happens.

How I look really means nothing - it's how I am inside.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Dare to Win

Forward to where?

I am reading the book "Dare to Win" by Mark Victor Hansen.

In it he says have goals; surround myself with positive people; have a go!

That is where I choose to go!