Thursday, 20 October 2016

Zig's Affirmation - in front of mirror

I, _________________ am an honest, intelligent, organised, responsible, committed, loyal, sober, teachable person.

I clearly understand that regardless of who signs my pay-cheque, I am self-employed.

I am an optimistic, punctual, enthusiastic, goal-setting, smart-working, self-starter, who is disciplined, focused, dependable, persistent, and a positive thinker.

I am an energetic team-player who appreciates the opportunity that my employment and the free-enterprise system offers me.

I am thrifty with my employment resources and apply common-sense to my daily tasks.

I take honest pride in my competence and appearance and am motivated to be and to do my best to enable those parts of my sense of Self to be helpfully expressed.

These are the some of the qualities which enable me to more effectively manage myself and help me express myself more meaningfully in my interactions with my world.

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